Artworks by Marcus Neustetter

IMAGE 01 - Erosion - Glow-stick performances across the City of Johannesburg. Image of Marcus Neustetter by Aatish Ramkaran


IMAGE 02 - Big Bang – In collaboration with youth from Sutherland (Karoo), using rope lights and long-exposure photography.


IMAGE 03 - Sweep – A performance featuring participants form Infecting the City Festival in Cape Town using glow-sticks, brooms, and sound.


IMAGE 04 - Dancing in a Prehistoric Footprint – A performance by a reel-dance group in Fraserburg with LED rope lights.


IMAGE 05 - Space Journey I An inner-city light and projection  performance.


IMAGE 06 - Space Journey II An inner-city light and projection performance


IMAGE 07 - One Woman at the Centre of the Universe – Audience-performers interacting with rope lights.


IMAGE 08 – Made in China, dead glow-stick installation, 2015


IMAGE 09 – Lucky Frog, resin and cast glow-sticks, 2016


IMAGE 10 – Shark Fins, resin and cast glow-sticks, 2016


IMAGE 11 – Chinese Map 1390, woven glow-sticks, string, plastic chord, 2016


IMAGE 12 - Contested Map (detail), woven dead glow-sticks and steel mesh, 2016


IMAGE 13 – Sweep Merida, Mexico performance for the closing of the UNESCO international Year of Light, 2016